HR Recruitment

Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) continues to be the single largest employer in the Western Province over the past 32 years. The company is proud of the high skill levels attained by its employees through on the job and formal training programmes.

The company’s preference is to employ people from the 'Preferred Area' which encompasses three districts in the Western Province and the Telefomin District in the Sandaun Province.

In 2013, OTML employed 2, 310 employees and 5, 147 contractors. Ninety five per cent of all staff employees were PNG nationals and of these, 37.3 % were from the Western Province. Women made up 11% of the work force.

OTML has implemented a comprehensive training and development programme across all levels of the company. This is underpinned by promoting on the job training and ongoing skills development for employees. A succession plan is in place for key roles and employees are encouraged to improve their skills and competencies through internal and external learning and development programmes.

OTML supports opportunities for employees to up-skill and seek promotion into more senior roles within the company. Looking ahead, many of the higher level training programmes previously provided by external agencies will be managed in-house, allowing for more flexible delivery and the development of employees in training roles.