Our Operations

The Ok Tedi mine is an open-cut operation in which about 78,000 tonnes of ore and 80,000 tonnes of overburden (waste rock) are mined each day from a pit covering about 2.6 square kilometres. The mine and mill operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Power for the mine, mill and township of Tabubil is supplied by hydroelectric and diesel generators installed at Ok Menga, south-east of Tabubil, specifically for the project.

The Ok Menga hydroelectric run-of-river scheme supplies about 75 per cent of the project's energy requirements. Maximum power output from Ok Menga is 57 megawatts. A 45 megawatt diesel power station and two diesel-fired gas turbine generators with a combined capacity of 16 megawatt at Tabubil, and a two megawatt hydroelectric power station at Yuk Creek, meet any additional power requirements.