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The unique environment in which Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) operates and the tasks carried out in the day-to-day operations of a large open-cut mine and mill, require the Company’s employees and business partners to be particularly vigilant about Occupational Health and Safety.


Our Vision

All accidents are preventable. An incident and injury-free workplace is achievable.


Our Goal

Nobody Gets Hurt. No Harm.


At OTML, Occupational Health and Safety is a core value and a part of our culture.



We strive to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses through the active participation of every person working at OTML.


Demonstrating care for and protecting the safety and health of our workforce, our contractors and the community is fundamental to our business.


Our Policy:


  • Conduct operations in a manner that safeguards people and property
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Reinforce personal accountability for safety and occupational health
  • Not to start any job until a safe work method has been established
  • Document work procedures for all safety-critical activities and require compliance
  • Encourage employees to intervene or stop work if they observe unsafe behaviour
  • Monitor safety and occupational health performance and analyse all high potential incidents and near-misses for root cause
  • Establish and drill emergency response procedures

The Ok Tedi Safety Management plan is aligned with OHSAS18001. It establishes clear consistent OHS responsibilities and accountabilities as well as leading and lagging performance targets and indicators.


OTML values the safety, health and wellbeing of everyone associated with our operations.

The Company believes that focusing on the Areas of Significant Risks will not only prevent fatalities and disastrous events but at the same time address the minor injuries and incidents at the workplace.

The following are identified by the Ok Tedi Management as Areas of Significant Risks;

  1. Rotating equipment
  2. Pressure Vessels
  3. Operation of Vehicles and  Mobile Equipment
  4. Energy Isolation and Lockout
  5. Electrical Safety (HV and LV)
  6. Working at Heights
  7. Confined Space Access
  8. Lifting and Slinging
  9. Working near loose digging faces
  10. Explosives transport, storage and use
  11. Working near water
  12. Fire
  13. Hazardous materials and chemicals
  14. Ground stability

On arrival at Ok Tedi, all visitors, business partners and employees must undertake a General Safety Induction (GSI). Depending on the employee’s job description and specific work site, the employee will be provided additional OH&S training.  On-going OH&S training includes: Confine Space, Working at Heights, Permit Systems, Rigging, and Heavy Plant and Equipment training.

Ok Tedi Mining Limited has a comprehensive workplace safety program; some of these programs include

  • National Mining Safety Week, - an initiative of the Chief Inspector of Mines

each year with targeted OHS activities involving its employees, business

partner’s and mine area communities.


  • iLEAD Program – a leadership program aimed to provide visible proactive

leadership and commitment to the implementation of OHS policy and standards.

It encourages leaders to interact and communicate openly to people on site.


  • Employee Health and Wellness job fitness program - assesses employees

against tasks associated with their job description to assist in pre/post medical

assessments as well as providing a return to work plan for employees.                                     iLEAD OK