• Our Product
    Our Product

    OTML exports copper concentrate to international markets using vessels to carry our commodity to load onto a silo vessel anchored in Port Moresby.


  • Mine Operations
    Mine Operations

    OTML temporarily suspended operations in August 2015 amidst dry weather conditions which impacted hydro power and restricted transport of critical supplies and copper concentrate on the Fly River. The mine was back in full operation by the end of March 2016.

  • Our Workforce
    Our Workforce

    The Company currently employs about 1,400 employees.

  • Our Opportunities
    Our Opportunities

    The Mt Fubilan open-pit deposit is one of the key future expansion opportunities for OTML.

  • Kiunga Wharf
    Kiunga Wharf

    All mining supplies including fuel and food rations for Tabubil arrive at the OTML Kiunga port then get transported by road to Tabubil.

  • Mine Life
    Mine Life

    OTML will continue operations in the Star Mountains of the Western Province until at least 2025.

  • The Bige Dredging Project

    The Bige Dredging Project is important to Ok Tedi Mining Limited's operations in minimizing the mine's impact on river aggradation, flooding and dieback.

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Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) is a State-owned company that operates an open-pit copper, gold and silver mine located in the Star Mountains of Western Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG). The company holds a large portfolio of exploration leases in the vicinity of its Mt Fubilan mining operations and is actively undertaking near mine exploration. 

The company's registered office is located in Tabubil, Western Province, PNG. It also has a representative office in Port Moresby, PNG and a marketing and logistics facility in Brisbane, Australia.